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Diya Painting - Diwali A Hope

Diwali A Hope

Diwali A Hope: Lighting the Path to Education

At Gully Classes Foundation, we believe that education has the power to transform lives. This Diwali, we are thrilled to introduce our transformative initiative, "Diwali A Hope," aimed at illuminating the futures of underprivileged students in Basni Belima Village, Rajasthan.

Our Innovative Approach
"Diwali A Hope" is not just about lighting lamps; it's about brightening the lives of those who need it the most. We source plain Diya lamps from the market and, with the help of dedicated volunteers, transform them into vibrant works of art. What sets this initiative apart is the involvement of women in need. They contribute their skills to fill the Diyas with wax and package them, ensuring that they earn a fair wage for their valuable work.

A Beacon of Light

The beautifully painted Diyas, created with love and care, are made available for sale to the public through corporate partnerships and our social media channels. The funds raised from the Diya sales will be channeled into a significant project - the establishment of a much-needed computer lab within a local school in Basni Belima Village, Rajasthan.

Bridging the Digital Divide

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we transformed an old, disused government school into a vibrant library and reading room. Today, over 70 students from nine nearby villages come here daily to study, and we provide free Wi-Fi to help them attend their online classes. However, the digital divide remains a pressing issue, as not all students can afford the necessary technology for online education. We are committed to bridging this gap and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Your Support Matters

To date, Gully Classes Foundation has successfully raised two lakhs, but we need your support to achieve our ambitious goal. We invite you to participate in this noble cause by purchasing our beautifully crafted Diyas. These Diyas not only symbolize hope but also serve as a beacon of light for the students in Basni Belima Village, Rajasthan, who are striving to realize their dreams through education.

Local Impact, Global Reach

One vital aspect of "Diwali A Hope" is that Gully Classes Foundation purchases the Diyas in Mumbai, but the funds generated from their sale will be used to establish the computer lab in Rajasthan, where access to technology is vital for educational advancement.

At Gully Classes Foundation, we are committed to improving educational opportunities for underserved communities. Through various initiatives, we aim to empower students and make education accessible to all, ensuring a brighter future for young minds.

Join us in this meaningful journey and help us light the path to education this Diwali.

For more information and to support "Diwali A Hope," please visit our website at Together, we can make a difference!

Diya Painting - Diwali A Hope
Diya Painting - Diwali A Hope
Diya Painting - Diwali A Hope
Diya Painting - Diwali A Hope
Diya Painting - Diwali A Hope
Diwali A Hope - Diya Painting
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