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River & Beach Cleanup

Gully Classes Foundation (GCF) has been doing commendable work organizing weekly cleanup drives in Mumbai, India, with the help of volunteers from various organizations, including the NSS Unit, Rotaract Club, and non-profit organizations. Over the last three years, GCF has organized more than 95 such drives, removing more than 30,000 kg of waste from rivers and beaches in Mumbai, such as Mahim Beach, Juhu Beach, Mithi River (Mahim), Dadar Beach, and more.

This initiative by GCF is crucial to tackling the growing problem of plastic pollution and environmental degradation caused by littering and improper waste management. By involving volunteers from different organizations, GCF has created awareness about the importance of keeping the environment clean and promoting responsible waste disposal practices.

Moreover, GCF has not limited its efforts to Mumbai alone. The organization has also collaborated with international organizations like River Cleanup in Belgium to expand its efforts beyond geographical boundaries. This international collaboration is a significant step towards addressing global environmental issues, and it showcases GCF's commitment to promoting sustainable living practices.

Overall, Gully Classes Foundation's weekly cleanup drives in Mumbai and its international collaborations with organizations like River Cleanup are exemplary initiatives that demonstrate the power of collective action in creating a cleaner and greener world.

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