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Gardening Team

Garden Cleanup

Gully Classes Foundation (GCF) has been making significant efforts towards creating a cleaner and greener environment in Mumbai, India. Besides organizing weekly cleanup drives in rivers and beaches, GCF has also organized a garden cleanup drive in collaboration with the students of Gully Classes and local people.

The primary objective of the garden cleanup drive was to create awareness among the students and local people about their responsibility to maintain and keep their local garden or park clean and green. By involving students in the cleanup drive, GCF aimed to instil a sense of responsibility and accountability towards the environment from a young age.

During the cleanup drive, the students and local people worked together to remove litter and debris from the garden, ensuring it remained clean and waste-free. The campaign also included planting trees and shrubs, which helped beautify the park and promote local greenery.

The garden cleanup drive by Gully Classes Foundation has effectively promoted environmental awareness and encouraged people to take responsibility for their local surroundings. By involving students and local people in such initiatives, GCF has successfully enabled a sense of ownership towards the environment and sustainable living practices.

Overall, Gully Classes Foundation's garden cleanup drive has been an inspiring initiative highlighting the importance of community-driven efforts to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world.

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