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Elementary School

Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy Program by Gully Classes Foundation to provide basic computer knowledge to 12th Passouts and Graduates. The program is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to find employment based on their computer skills.

The program offers sessions on various computer applications such as Canva, Microsoft Office, and other basic software. These sessions are conducted by experienced trainers who provide hands-on training to ensure that the participants gain practical knowledge and understanding of the software.

The Digital Literacy Program aims to bridge the gap between those who lack access to technology and those who have access to it, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to acquire basic computer skills that are essential for many jobs in today's digital age.

Through this initiative, Gully Classes Foundation is empowering individuals to become digitally literate, which not only opens doors to new job opportunities but also enhances their personal and professional growth. The program is an excellent example of Gully Classes Foundation's commitment to providing access to education and resources to underprivileged individuals and communities.

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